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Complain about an Approved Seller

If you believe an Approved Seller has not met the standards set out under the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) you can lodge a complaint here.

Before you begin, you will need to tell us

  • who your complaint is about
  • what your complaint is about and the outcome you are seeking
  • basic personal details
  • you will also be asked to attach any relevant documents as evidence to support your case.

This form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.


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Please note that the Administrator is unable to intervene in matters where an order has been made in a Tribunal or a Court or when a matter is proceeding before a Tribunal or court

If your complaint concerns direct contact you have had with an Approved Seller, it is strongly recommended that you contact the business prior to contacting the Administrator. When doing so, you are advised to clearly explain the issue, state the preferred outcome, and keep a record of the complaint letter or notes of the telephone call. For further guidance on how to write a complaint letter, see the ACCC website here

We will be in contact with the person you are making the complaint for and get their consent for us to investigate this complaint.

It may be difficult to address a complaint if there are no contact details and the Administrator may need further information to clarify the issues or take action to address the complaint. Therefore, we will require your details in order to proceed with the complaint.

Please provide fill in your information below

Please contact the Administrator by calling 03 9929 4174 or via email: [email protected]

Please contact the Administrator by calling 03 9929 4174 or via email: [email protected]


Please note that the Administrator may be unable to proceed with investigating your complaint if you do not consent to being named as the complainant.

The Administrator may investigate and take action against an Approved Seller for any potential breaches of the NETCC.

If more than one applies, please select the most applicable. You will have an opportunity to provide a full description below.

Disclaimer: Please note: As the Code Administrator, we will investigate all complaints in accordance with the New Energy Tech Code of Conduct (the NETCC). However, we are not a dispute resolution body and do not have the jurisdiction to arbitrate commercial, civil, or financial disputes.