NETCC application process

The Approved Seller application process

Becoming a New Energy Tech Approved Seller shows customers that your business meets consumer protection standards

Find out how to apply below.

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Make sure your business is eligible

To be eligible to become an Approved Seller, applicants must have been in operation in the new energy tech industry for a minimum period of 12 months and be selling to residential and small business customers. Your business will also be required to consent to business integrity checks by a third party.

If your business has been issued any rulings or warnings related to consumer protection, including by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) or state-based consumer affairs agencies, these must be declared in the application and explained.

The New Energy Tech Consumer Code

Read the NETCC and make sure your business is compliant

The most important thing to do is to read the New Energy Tech Consumer Code and ensure your business complies with each requirement of the Code. For some businesses this may mean making changes to your business practices such as updating quote or contract templates.

Read the NETCC

Read the NETCC
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Prepare your application

You will need to make sure you have certain business documents ready to upload as part of the application:

  • Customer contract, including terms and conditions
  • Example site-specific performance estimate and installation design (if applicable)
  • Complaints handling procedure
  • Recent advertising material (if applicable)

These documents should be filled-in as if provided to a consumer and will be assessed for their compliance with the NETCC.


Apply online and pay the application fee

The online application takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and you can save the form and return to it at any time.

You will need to pay an application fee when applying.

View the fees
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Wait for feedback from the NETCC Administrator

We assess the details and documents submitted and may ask for more information where necessary. Where there is evidence a business has made a strong effort to comply with the Code, we may provide feedback on what should be changed to meet our standards. Once the business is judged to be compliant with the Code, we will approve the application.

New Energy Tech Approved Seller

The result of your application

If successful, your business will become a New Energy Tech Approved Seller and will be granted access to the Approved Seller badge and certificate. You will also get access to our portal and be sent regular updates on relevant new energy tech news, tender opportunities and compliance activity.

You will be charged an annual fee and expected to continue to comply with the NETCC standards.

Unsuccessful applicants can apply again one month from the date of rejection. Before re-applying, they must sufficiently demonstrate in writing that they have taken the necessary steps to ensure they can comply with the requirements of the NETCC, and have systems and procedures in place to ensure ongoing compliance. The written assurance needs to be signed by a director of the company or an authorised representative.

A second rejection will result in the applicant waiting two months before a new application can be assessed. If the applicant is rejected a third time, the applicant must wait three months before a new application can be assessed.

All applications will incur application fees.