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NETCC Council Meeting - March 2023

Published on - 24 Mar 2023

This is a summary of the NETCC Council meeting held on 23 March 2023. Communiques of each meeting are produced so that stakeholders can be informed about the work of the Council and its implementation of the Code.

Marketing and communications approach for the NETCC

  • The Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the CEC presented the marketing and communications strategy for the first 12 months of the NETCC program. This strategy includes quarterly reports to Approved Sellers, monthly industry updates, an annual program report, a social media campaign and surveys for Approved Sellers and consumers which cover their expectations of the program. The CEC has also launched an advertising and marketing campaign which is focused on consumers in the market for new energy tech, building brand awareness and developing program benefits for Approved Sellers.
  • To date, the NETCC website has been visited 6000 times. The Find an Approved Seller map has been viewed 3700 times.
  • The NETCC program will be represented at the Energy Next and All Energy conferences in 2023. Council will discuss content for sessions about the NETCC closer to the events. Approved Sellers will be invited to assist with NETCC presentations as a way of promoting the benefits of the program. These sessions will also be recorded and housed on the Approved Seller portal.
  • Council members were encouraged to connect their respective communications departments with the CEC communications team.

Code Monitoring and Compliance Panel

The Chair updated Council on the process underway to appoint an industry representative to the Code Monitoring and Compliance Panel (the Panel). The Chair has been working with the Chair of the Panel to interview and confirm appropriate candidates.

    Meeting with Solar Victoria

    Council representatives met with the CEO of Solar Victoria to discuss possible Approved Seller status for Solar Homes Program participants. The key matters discussed at the meeting were the original initiative for the Code from energy ministers through SCO, how the NETCC both clarifies and amplifies existing consumer protections under the Australian Consumer Law, the fees for program participation.

    Code Governance

    Council confirmed governance arrangements between the Council and the CEC as Administrator and Steward of the Code. Council noted that any other governance issues will continue to be discussed as the program develops.

    Council meetings

    Council noted that it may not be required to meet every six weeks given the NETCC program has launched and the Panel will shortly be operational. Council agreed that the next meeting should take place in 8 weeks, with Council to consider the appropriateness of convening quarterly after this time. Council agreed to invite the Chair of the Panel to the next meeting to discuss the roles of the two bodies.

    Code Monitoring and Compliance Panel

    The consumer representative on the panel has been appointed, and progress is being made on the industry representative appointment.

    Code Clarification

    A Council member and the CEC met with a large energy provider to discuss their queries about complying with the NETCC. This consultation was a valuable test of the principles of the code in practice. The CEC will add further explanatory notes to the program website to assist in clarifying some ambiguous clauses of the NETCC.

    Next meeting: TBC

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