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NETCC Council Meeting - December 2022

Published on - 12 Jan 2023

This is a summary of the NETCC Council meeting held on 15 December 2022. Communiques of each meeting are produced so that stakeholders can be informed about the work of the Council and its implementation of the Code.

Code Monitoring and Compliance Panel

The Chair reported on the interviews with two excellent candidates for the position of Chair of the Code Monitoring and Compliance Panel.

Council agreed to the selection committee’s recommendation to appoint Dr Penelope Crossley to the Chair position. Dr Crossley will bring extensive experience as a Chair, and in the legal issues associated with the energy and resources sectors.

Council agreed to appoint Gerard Brody as the consumer representative on the Panel. Gerard has extensive experience as the Chair of the Approved Solar Retailer (ASR) program’s Code Review Panel. Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) will appoint another representative to the NETCC Council in Gerard’s place.

The appointment of an industry representative to the Panel has been challenging, as most applicants to the role are ineligible as they work for potential code signatories. Follow up work will be done to identify suitable candidates for the industry position on the Panel.

NETCC technical interpretation

The CEC met with an Accredited Solar Retailer (ASR) regarding their transition from the ASR program to the NETCC program.

The ASR advised that as a large company with diverse offerings, the business faces challenges in updating some of its systems and processes to comply with the NETCC, as some required changes will affect other areas of the business. It was discussed that the Administrator will need to show flexibility with ASRs undergoing the transition from ASR to Approved Seller.

Class exemptions and technical guidance documents can be used to clarify the principles of the NETCC for program participants, however, further clarification is needed surrounding how these mechanisms were intended to be used when the NETCC was first drafted. Further discussions between the Administrator and Council will be required on this matter.

Council agreed on the need to document the Administrator’s interpretations of the NETCC’s requirements as they apply to specific technologies. This will ensure consistency in administration when the program launches.

Program development update

Nine applications to become an Approved Seller have been received. Approximately 60 Expressions of Interest in joining the NETCC pilot program have been submitted. The CEC’s assessment team will commence the assessment of pilot program applications in the coming week. The outcomes of these applications will be delivered from 1 February 2023 when the program officially launches.

The CEC is continuing to engage with Solar Victoria and the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP) regarding the transition process for ASRs. Ensuring consistency in communications to ASRs is critical.

The Approved Seller portal has been deployed and is undergoing testing by the CEC. ASR data has been successfully migrated to the new NETCC CRM platform.

A transition resource pack has been sent to all ASRs. This pack included a copy of the NETCC, the first tech guidance documents, the solar PV consumer information product, a document outlining the differences between the NETCC and the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, and a NETCC webinar.

For the first 6 months following the transition, the Administrator will be taking a supportive, educative approach to compliance. This approach recognises that it may take ASRs some time to update their documentation, branding, and business practices to comply with the NETCC.

Information about members of the Monitoring and Compliance Panel will be uploaded to the NETCC website once all representatives have been confirmed.

Council agreed that an event promoting the NETCC would be more appropriate after the transition has been completed and the program is more established.

Other business

• Council membership: Gerard Brody will be stepping down from the role of CALC CEO in late January 2023. Luke Lovell will replace Gerard as CALC’s representative on Council.

• Council meetings in 2023: Council agreed to convene again in February 2023. Considering the Panel will also be operational, the frequency of meetings may be moved to every 8 weeks.

Next meeting - TBC

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