Apply to become a New Energy Tech Approved Seller

Apply to join the NETCC pilot program

The New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) program officially launches in February 2023, with a pilot program for a limited number of early applications starting in November 2022.

If your business is not an existing Approved Solar Retailer and is interested in applying to become a New Energy Tech Approved Seller, you can join our pilot program waitlist by filling out the details below.

A limited number of businesses from the waitlist will be sent an invite to apply to join the pilot program. This will give your business early access to begin the application process to become an Approved Seller. Please note If your business is invited to join the pilot program there is no obligation to apply. Applicants under the pilot program can only become Approved Sellers when the program launches in February 2023, the pilot program is intended to give them a head start on the application process.

Apply to join the pilot program waitlist here