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NETCC Council Meeting - February 2022

Published on - 1 Mar 2022

This is a summary of the NETCC Council meeting held on 3 February 2022. Communiques of each meeting are produced so that stakeholders can be informed about the work of the Council and its implementation of the Code.

Council governance

Council member appointments

In view of the delay in implementation of the Code following the Australian Competition Tribunal review, it was agreed that the appointment of Council members would be extended by two years to January 2024. This extension would be accompanied by a review of Council membership six months before the appointment period ends.

Administrator and Steward appointment

Council discussed the term of appointment for the Administrator and Steward to enable the CEC to recover its costs in establishing the NETCC program.

It was agreed that the costs invested in the NETCC program by the CEC should be recovered over time and in a manner that does not necessitate significant fees being charged to NETCC applicants and Approved Sellers which may act as a barrier to their participation in the program.

Council will discuss the cost-recovery model and Administrator term of appointment at its next meeting following information from the CEC.

Council agreed that the processes for the review and appointment of the Administrator and Steward roles should be clearly defined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Council noted that the Code provided for independent review of the scheme every three years, and that Council would regularly review the scheme’s progress and fee structure. Council agreed that the commencement date of the first independent review of the scheme should be three years after its launch.

NETCC Branding

The branding strategy developed by Ellis Jones was endorsed.

Stakeholder engagement plan

Council was invited to contribute key messages to be delivered to primary stakeholders through the NETCC engagement plan.

For Approved Solar Retailers (ASRs), it was agreed that the NETCC should be promoted as a progressive evolution of the current ASR program, one which can deliver increased benefits and
services, and to maintain their status in the program.

For non-ASR new energy tech providers, it was agreed that the communication strategy should be to inform and promote the benefits of becoming an Approved Seller. Market research into which providers may be interested in the program from the outset may be beneficial.

Council agreed that for government stakeholders, it is essential to clearly define that the NETCC program is not a dispute resolution scheme that can provide complete assurance to consumers. Government programs should understand that while the NETCC defines standards of good practice for the industry, further consumer protections regarding matters such as unsolicited sales should be considered.

For consumers, they would need advice about thoroughly researching new energy tech products and service providers before purchase, and information on what to do if something goes wrong.

It was agreed that NETCC communications should make it clear for all parties what the Code does, and what it does not do.

It was agreed that the NETCC branding should be made public as soon as possible.

Digital Development

Council was provided with an update on the development of the digital platforms which are to support the delivery of the NETCC program.

The NETCC webpage within the CEC’s website has been updated to contain an FAQ section. This webpage will be continually updated, and interested parties will be referred to this page until the NETCC website is launched.

A clear outline and explanation of the Code and what it means will be included.

The NETCC website will be launched 1 July 2022.

The CEC has confirmed a developer to deliver an Approved Seller portal. This portal will operate as a self-service platform for Approved Sellers, as well as a means for the Code Administrator to deliver resources and benefits directly to Approved Seller businesses.

Other Business

Council agreed to meet every six weeks throughout 2022

Next Meeting: 10 March 2022

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